3 Ways To Increase Sales Using Free Tools

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April 17, 2018
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June 29, 2018

3 Ways To Increase Sales Using Free Tools

3 Ways To Increase Sales Using Free Tools

The internet is full of free tools to help you increase sales

Increasing online sales is the primary goal of countless businesses, large and small alike. Whether you run a mom-and-pop retail business or work for a vast ecommerce giant like Amazon, increasing sales through online channels is a little like bowling a strike – it looks a lot easier than it actually is.

Be Honest in Your Sales Copy

This might seem painfully obvious, but it’s amazing to me how many sites write checks their products can’t cash. Not only is honesty in your copy crucial to your business’ reputation, it also fosters and encourages trust in your brand. Don’t make claims you can’t substantiate, and don’t use hyperbole lightly – today’s consumers are hypersensitive to marketing BS, so be honest, straightforward, and approachable in all your sales copy, from your homepage to your email campaigns..

Promote customer referrals

Leads generated through customer referrals are often very high-quality. Do you have a clear process on how you turn your happy customers into promoters?

Use NPS score or similar procedures to find out who’s the most probable to promote your tool and send them ideas on how they can spread the word. You’ll be amazed how often they do!

Generate more online reviews

87% of B2B decision-makers browse online before purchasing. They will try and find honest reviews to support their decisions. So to generate more leads you have to have reviews of your service/product available online.

But don’t even consider buying reviews. If you only have one customer, make sure they’ll review you. Honest reviews generate you leads. Dishonest reviews can kill your search engine rankings or do some other harm. Don’t risk it.

Make sure your prospects find favorable reviews. Again, you can use NPS to find the correct target group to ask for reviews.

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